Café Nell

Café Nell
1987 NW Kearney, Portland, OR 97209, 503-295-6487

Personable Service, Interesting Food, Attractive Ambiance
We were able to get breakfast items after noon. Nice. She had a simple plate of poached egg, bacon and cubed potatoes. I had the Monte Cristo. We were seated within a minute. Both the caf and decaf were hot, fresh and tasted good. Our server handled a couple special requests without any trouble. Our dishes came out quickly. The potatoes were hot and crisp. The bacon was good quality. There was something interesting in the salad that came with my sandwich – smoked salt maybe. My sandwich was perfectly presented and tasted great. I asked for a side of syrup and it was the thickest I have been served. The café is on a quiet corner between apartment buildings. They have their own parking lot. Natural light comes from a bank of windows on the west side. Although the interior is B&W tiles and bare wood chairs, there is a certain warmth here. I would like to try it again sometime for dinner, when the candles are lit.

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