The Path of Beauty

A Spiritual Path

The path of beauty is a spiritual path.
People follow spiritual paths in order to find God, find themselves, find more meaning in life, find more enjoyment in life.

Please join me as I investigate beauty's power to transform, explore its many facets and discover how anyone can benefit from more beauty in their life.

Beauty in the Mind: The Power of Sentiments

I recently noticed how often I call out “Father” as I sink into meditation and what a beautiful space that opens up for me. I have been ruminating on that process and the positive attributes I have assigned to the word “Father”; how I switch back and forth between thoughts of my Dad and of God; and what I intend by saying that – how I seem to be reaching out for the hand of someone larger, for assistance in getting to the place of stillness I seek.  It seems to me that I am being affected by the sentiment itself; that the act of holding a richly positive and emotional sentiment has the power to move me into the realm of the divine. 

I recognize that a classic definition of “sentiment” can refer to a positive or negative attitude. But I am using the term in a strictly positive sense – something like a sentimental sentiment: like the summary impression you might have of a subject after discussing it at length or the lingering residue of emotion you might feel after witnessing something awesome. And I think that simply experiencing a sentiment is something awesome in itself.

I became more conscious of sentiments a few years ago, after breaking up with my girlfriend. She and I had a strong emotional bond and we reveled in describing our happiness and appreciation for each other. We swore oaths of love to one another with utter abandon and superlatives galore. So much so, that, when the relationship came to an end, I wondered what to make of all those things we had said to each other. What was the truth of all those epitaphs if we ultimately decided to go separate directions? Continue reading

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What is Your Experience of Beauty?

If I ask you to recall something beautiful, what comes to mind – an interaction, a place, an object of devotion, an event?  Did the original experience have a positive affect on you? Does revisiting that experience have the power to affect you again?

My experience of beauty often takes me to a place of wonder – a place of such enormous splendor that it outstrips my ability to describe it. Beauty seems to have the ability to stop me in my tracks, to stop the world from turning, to hold my thoughts in suspension.

Once when I was meditating, I happened to reflect upon something beautiful and noticed it had the affect of turning off my internal dialogue. I was able to hover in that state for a while. I was so enthused by the experience, I thought, “I’ll have to read a book about this approach.” It was such a powerful experience and the effects were so transcendent, I assumed it was an established path to enlightenment. But when I looked, I couldn’t find anything specific about it, not along the lines of what I expected anyway. I decided I would just have to continue to investigate on my own.

Since then I have been building more beauty into my life and noticing its tremendous ability to bring me closer to God. This blog is an exploration of ideas on how anyone may bring more beauty into their life, so that you also may experience the upward currents of this approach.

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