This is a view south from the flower garden near the top of the fortress.
Biergarten Selstbedienung
This an open air restaurant open just for the summer months. It is on top of Schlossberg with a view toward the sunset.
This is a reflecting pond at the center of a large, crescent-shaped park wrapping around the southeast side of old town. It was very popular late afternoon.
This is a restaurant built in the middle of the river at the center of town. It is like a space ship inside, decorated in rich blue tones and sleek surfaces. There is an open-air portion with tiered seating for small performances. They built the ramp such that you could walk through for fun without having to enter the restaurant. The lady at the bar didn’t let me take a photo inside.
This is a view inside the caged ramp.
This ultramodern building looks like a giant sea slug fell from the sky. It bulges over and entire block on the west side of the river, just across from old town. It house the contemporary art museum. I didn’t go inside.

Graz certainly had the upbeat atmosphere typical of a college town.

The layout is centered on a river with a hill of rock next to it, on top of which sits a fortress. (I read that great caverns were hollowed out this hill in order to provide a convenient bomb shelter for city dwellers during WWII. You can still walk straight through the base of the hill using one of the main tunnels.)

The old town is a large district of intact, well-maintained, renaissance, gothic and baroque era buildings. There is a large square in the center old town surrounded by many shops and restaurants.

There are parks along the river, surrounding the hill fortress and wrapping around old town. There are many beautiful places to walk. There are also at least a couple ultramodern buildings fitted among the old.