I felt a spirit enter me. There was a feeling of fullness and overwhelming joy. It was too big for me to contain. That caused discomfort in my body and the release of some energy. My legs jerked with spasms. Emotions came up. I wept. It was such a large experience, I told A- out loud what I was experiencing at the time. (Afterward, he said he felt waves of energy radiating from me while this was going on. He felt kundalini going up his spine.  He also saw beings crowding in, looking through the windows even, curious to see how things would go with me.)

Later I felt compelled to do the Qigong move “rowing” with my hands. That was inexplicably satisfying.

Still later I felt myself slipping into a parallel reality. I felt like I was transferring from this place to another place, particle by particle, slowly losing this reality and gaining acuity of the other. It was a place I have gone to before. It is a big house with many leaded, small-pane windows. It is a little cold, like there is no heat, and there are no furnishings to dampen echoes. It was the same retreat space I went to before, where I joined a group of people doing exercises like I learned to do for the stages of healing in Network. But there was no one there this time.

Toward the end, A- said I did a lot of yawning (releases of unconscious energy) and that I spent a long time processing outside of my body. Funny, I didn’t remember the yawning; neither was I aware of leaving my body; neither did I feel as if I spent any time sleeping.

I got up to use the toilet, then came back and lay down awhile longer, maintaining the breath. But I felt complete and nothing more came up. A- said he saw a complete energy cycle. Pretty soon I opened my eyes and then felt like sitting up. I wasn’t woozy on my feet like I often am after breath work. I left feeling inspired and in awe of what I experienced this time; not so desperate to be with a friend like I often feel after a session. 

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