Love Feast

I pictured being able to ask the universe questions about anything. I wondered, “What do I really want to know about?” I answered myself, “How about getting to know myself better?” I suddenly pictured Beetle Juice standing up with a sign that read “You win!”  Knowing my self better opens the path for getting to know other people in a deeper way.

I envisioned growing old with A- and how I would take care of her in her old age.  I would love her in her decrepitude, always seeing in her the girl I first met.

I imagined there were only days before a comet hit and obliterated earth.  I considered all the things that wouldn’t matter in that event.

I saw myself laying on the ground eviscerated. A person was squatting beside me handing my heart to someone I couldn’t see. People were pulling pieces from my chest like you would pull apart a cooked chicken. I felt fine about it. It was a love feast.

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