Navid Attar

Sunny, Monty, Navid 4.30.99

Sunny, Monty, Navid 4.30.99

Navid Attar 5/25/62 – 4/27/10

I knew Navid from Club International. We were both regulars way back. He came to my parties, I went to his. He was mostly quiet, but he didn’t hold back laughing at a good story or joke. He struck me as remarkably chivalrous. He was refined and respectful of people in general, but especially respectful of women. In social situations, he always seemed to keep one eye cocked toward helping anyone who needed assistance – whether it was finding the bathroom or finding a cup after the last plastic cup had been exhausted. And because he drove a pickup, he was always helping people move.

Upon returning from a trip to India in 2004, I presented a slide show of my adventure to a group of friends. Navid was so moved by my images, he asked if I would put together a CD for him of the mountain vistas I photographed. I was touched that he asked. I put it on my to-do list.

I started a new job and soon became absorbed in new responsibilities. An overwhelming relationship came and went. That CD project got buried on my desk at home. I ran across it several times and put it back on top of the pile, but I never got around to it.

Years went by. Navid and I fell out of touch. Then I bumped into him a year ago and was alarmed to see him in poor health. He was a whisper of the hiker I had previously known. But we didn’t visit long enough to get into what was going on with him. I thought of that CD again. It would be fun to surprise him after he had forgotten all about it.

A couple months ago I received an email announcing he was fighting cancer. My first thought was – I better hurry up with that CD! He might really find some solace in those images.

A few weeks went by and I was shocked to receive another email announcing his death. Wow. I had no idea. Opportunity lost.

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