Notes 2000-2002

11/10/02 finished wiring for lights in barn

10/23/02 cut moved logs for dock, sprayed weeds

10/22/02 mowed blackberries in woods

10/21/02 grated driveways

10/11/02 made soap with Brad & Ann

9/27-10/3/02 deer hunting — Five days of hiking 8-10 miles a day and I didn’t even see a deer! Found an Indian cave, brought back a bag of deer bones

9/22/02 completed trellis on barn for morning glories

9/20/02 discovered three more baby rabbits in barn

9/15/02 picked pears

9/12/02 found remains of two baby rabbits in barn

8/21/02 shot a gray digger

8/16/02 shot a gray digger

8/15/02 shot three gray diggers

7/30/02 shot a gray digger

7/24/02 shot a gray digger

7/23/02 shot a gray digger

6/17/02 finished north property line fence

6/15/02 baby robins in barn

6/14/02 saw turtle laying eggs on dam

6/11/02 sprayed grass around barn

6/3/02 set fence posts on north property line

5/24/02 installed deer guards around new apple trees

5/18/02 sowed clover

4/28/02 sprayed blackberries

4/25/02 disked fields; saw first swallow

3/26/02 three baby rabbits peep out of the woodpile

3/25/02 saw humming birds fighting over my feeder

3/20/02 heard first night hawk of the season

2/28/02 saw three deer crossing valley bottom

2/27/02 watching a red-headed woodpecker at work, discerned that woodpeckers bore holes to collect insects rather than to find them

2/22/02 observed coyote near barn

2/14/02 discovered remains of a rabbit

2/13/02 trimmed trees

1/6/02 heard first tree frog of the season

9/15/01 mowed fields

7/9/01 fourth litter of rabbits emerges — uh, wait a minute, make that the fourth and fifth litters

6/26/01 Wine Sap apple tree fell after heavy rains

6/25/01 planted Sudan grass

6/13/01 finished plowing, sprayed grass

6/1/01 mowed fields

5/27/01 transplanted more ferns from field edges to front yard

5/11/01 Kahja brought out three more rabbits

5/5/01 transplanted ferns from field edges to front yard

5/4/01 smoked moles

4/25/01 mounted barn owl boxes in trees around fields, sprayed blackberries

4/12/01 swallows arrive

3/26/01 constructed ten barn owl boxes with the assistance of Brad Lechman-Su

3/20/01 ruby throated humming bird at feeder

1/31/01 observed a red squirrel eating walnut and willow tree buds

1/20/01 saw rabbits mating, bunnies due 2/19

12/6/00 a red-tailed hawk nabbed a gopher from the furrows just as I finished disking

12/4/00 patched barn roof

11/28-30/00 smoked venison sausage

11/28/00 disked east field

11/27/00 tanned deer hide

11/20/00 butchered deer

11/10/00 dressed deer

11/8/00 patched barn roof

10/30/00 back filled water tank pressure

9/25/00 welded disk

9/14/00 heard coyotes take down a sheep

9/13/00 trimmed trees around fields

9/12/00 cleaned fuel line on tractor

9/11/00 patched barn roof

8/4/00     saw bobcat hunting gophers

8/1/00 fields mowed

7/24/00 shot three ground squirrels

7/15/00 built and hung four bat houses

7/13/00 ducklings hatched

6/25/00 sprayed blackberries

6/1/00 trapped a ground squirrel

5/20/00 turtle laid eggs

4/6/00 swallows arrived

3/19/00 painted barn, trimmed trees

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