Wine Maxims

p160In the wine world there exists so vast a field, so many exceptions, so much change in fashion and sensibilities, so much variation within classes, so much change within the industry, so much difference vintage to vintage, it is folly to propose such a thing as a “rule”. And yet my experiences cause me to propose a few:

Tannic and acidic wines are better between bites. Smooth, sweet and fruity wines are better by themselves.

Wine and cheese are tireless lovers.

French wine with French foods, Italian with Italian, Spanish with Spanish and Alsatian with Asian.

Cook not with wine you would not drink – and (if you follow this rule), what could be better than more of the wine the dish was cooked in?

A feature dish or a feature wine. Never make two stars compete.

Never a wine less sweet than dessert.

Nothing born of vinegar can be a friend to wine.

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